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1.0 Getting Started
1.1 User Interface
1.2 Alliances

2.0 City Building
2.1 Building and Conquering Cities
2.2 City Resource Management
2.3 Training Armies and Building Fleets
2.4 Buildings Tech Tree

3.0 Combat
3.1 Formations
3.2 Combat Mechanics
3.3 City Battle
3.4 Units Resource Management
3.5 Hostiles
3.6 Ground Units List
3.7 Naval Units List
1.2 Alliances

An alliance is formed when a group of players decides to band together and work toward a common goal. The world of Arcadia is a harsh one and joining an alliance increases the chances of success. Alliances offer protection and strenght that comes with numbers. Playing alone is a feasible choice, but much more difficult.

Joining an alliance

To send an application to join an alliance click on the Manage Realm button that is located on the Main UI, a window will open up, click on the Alliance tab. Type the name of the alliance and click the "Apply" link. Now you must wait for the alliance leader or one of the officers to accept the application. It's good practice to message the leader or an officer before sending an application and asking them if you are welcome to join them.

Two armies that are members of the same alliance

Creating an alliance

To create an alliance open the Manage Realm window (Manage Realm button located on the Main UI) and type the name of the Alliance and the name of the city that will pay the alliance creation fee, then click the "Create Alliance" link. Once the alliance has been created other players can start sending their application to join the alliance.

Managing an alliance

All the tools for managing an alliance are found in the Alliance tab of the Manage Realm window. The officers have the following powers that normal members dont have:

- Accept applications from other players to join the alliance.
- Remove alliance members from the alliance.
- Change alliance description and message.

The alliance leader has all the powers of the officers and more:

- Disbanding the alliance.
- Removing members and officers from the alliance.
- Promoting and demoting members.

All members can post messages in the Alliance tab of the Messages window (found in the Messages button of the Main UI).