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About Arcadia Online
Technical Questions
About Arcadia Online
What is Arcadia Online ?

Arcadia Online is a MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) set in a medieval fantasy setting. The game is set in an open world with no defined goals other than the one the player makes for himself. The player is given full freedom of choice in building his cities and armies, creating alliances or waging war with his neighbors.

Is Arcadia Online free to play ?

Arcadia Online is, and will always be, free to play. In order to keep the server up and running there is need for a small revenue, and that is achieved by displaying non introusive ads that dont break the immersion in the game.

Who made the game ?

We are a small team of indie game developers from Croatia that are fully committed to this game.

What do I need to play ?

The only thing needed to play Arcadia Online is an updated modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE9+) and a working internet connection. We reccomend Firefox or Chrome, the game was optimized for them since they are the most standard compliant browsers and have a fast Javascript engine. The game can also be played on the new generation of smarthphones that support web browser that are compliant with the W3C standards. Also Javascript must be enabled on the browser.

How many players does a realm support ?

It depends on the size of the world map, realms are usually made for 5000 to 10000 players.

How is the world map made ?

The world map is a random generated fully 2D open world setting. Its based on quadrants where each quadrant is composed of 100x100 tiles. There is no theoretical limit to the number of quadrant a world can have, however due to server performance it's best to not exceed 10x10 quadrants (upgrading the servers can increase this number). Every realm has its own different world map, so every realm offers its own unique world experience.

How realistic is the world map ?

The terrain generation algorithm takes into account various settings in order to create valleys, mountains, forests, seas, lakes, rivers, jungles, deserts, cold regions etc... Creating a rich world that allows a huge ammount of diversity. Every corner of the world is unique.

Are there NPCs populating the world ?

Arcadia Online is focused around player interaction, however there is a rich choice of computer controlled opponents to fight. The world is populated by various hostiles including Rebels, Pirates, Orcs and Trolls. They pose a threat against weak armies, however defeating them offers rewards.

A small 6x3 quadrants map

A few hostile units (Rebels, Pirates and Orcs)

Upgraded city with walls to protect it

How do you build a city ?

Every player starts with a basic city and a little army. The player can then start building different buildings and decide how to expand the city. From resource gathering buildings to combat buildings, there is a wide variety of buildings to choose to upgrade your city.

Can you have more than one city ?

Yes, there are two ways to acquire more cities, build them or conquer them (from other players). Building is the easiest way provided you have the resources to build a city. Conquering another city involves waging war against another player, it is more dangerous, but the reward is greater.

Does the terrain affect the city attributes ?

Every different tile has different attributes (ex. woodcutting, stoneworking, etc...) and the sum of the tiles attributes surrounding the city gives different combinations of attributes. For example, cities that are near mountains will get better stoneworking and mining attributes. In this way choosing the place to build a city becomes a strategic decision.

How does the combat system work ?

The combat system is based on armies. Every army has a commander that leads. The commander can get experience fighting enemies. The army can be composed of many different unit types, divided in formations. Once two armies engage the combat simulation is run and the player receives the combat report.

What is a formation ?

A formation is a way to place your army in the field of battle that offers you a tactical advantage during the fight. A good tactic is to scout the enemy army before engaging and changing your formation to counter the enemy. An example is to place your spearmen in the same spot where the enemy cavalry is placed.

How do you conquer cities ?

In order to conquer a city you need first to siege it. A siege can last from a day to a few days, depending on the city walls and the difference in the number of cities that a player owns. For example sieging a weaker opponent will take more time, giving him more time to prepare to defend the city. Once the siege is finished the player will attack the city.

How do you bring down city walls ?

To bring down the city walls you need to have enough catapults or trebuchets in your army.

Can you fight with ships ?

Yes, the game offers naval battles where ships organized in fleets battle on the high seas!

How do alliances work ?

A player forms an alliance (the alliance leader) and accepts invites from other players to join him. Once the alliance is formed members cannot attack each other anymore.

Are there alliance ranks ?

There are three different ranks in the alliance: Member, Officer and Leader.

Whats the bonus of forming an alliance ?

Members of an alliance get access to a mini messageboard where they can coordinate operations together. Banding together helps weaker players cope with more stronger opponents.

Technical Questions
Why Arcadia Online doesn't work on my computer ?

Make sure you have the latest version of a modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE9+). If you dont have a modern web browser installed you can download Firefox from here.
Also javascript must be enabled, so if you have any addon (Ex. NoScript) enabled be sure to disable it for this website.

Do you support mobile web browsers ?

We plan to support as many mobile web browsers as possible, for now the game works only on the newest generation of smarthphones.