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March 20, 2013
This is the end...

On April 7th Realm 1 will close and so will Arcadia Online.
Arcadia Online just couldn't get the number of players needed to really get going. Without a strong initial investment in advertising its really hard to get the word out. Without enough players for advertising to kick in its impossible to pay for the servers. Server costs are becoming a financial burden and I'm starting to work on another project.

I've enjoyed playing with you this past few months and I hope you enjoyed playing Arcadia Online. I would like to thank all the great alliances that have given a glimpse of how awesome alliance warfare can be, especially the last war (Troll vs Shakuras). Also I would to thank everyone who has helped me with suggestions and bug reports.

If anyone wants to continue the work on Arcadia Online I would gladly pass the torch, however I will accept only serious offers that have a financial backing for advertising or a publisher.

As for this last few weeks, lets set Realm 1 on fire :)

- arc4nis
February 23, 2013
Here are some fresh updates to the game:

- Cities under siege cannot construct new buildings, this is done to prevent people from upgrading walls while the city is under siege.
- Silver Knights now cost 2 Palladium to train instead of 4.
- Increased storage for Horses, Palladium and Diamond.
- Horses now cost 3 Gold to buy from the local market.

Some changes to the Manage Realm tab:

- You can now see if a city is under siege.
- Alert if an army is on low morale.
- The resource number will become red if it has reached its storage limit.

- arc4nis
February 12, 2013
Vote for Arcadia Online

In order to get Arcadia Online to as many users as possible I need your help. If you enjoy the game consider voting for Arcadia Online on the website of Apex Web Gaming following this link:

The voting process is really simple, you don't need to register, just input the security number and vote for us! Help Arcadia Online grow!

- arc4nis
February 10, 2013
Changes to dragons
From now on player captured dragons will need an upkeep of 1 diamond every two hours to be paid. If the commander fails to pay the upkeep the dragon will die. This change will become active in 2 days time, so prepare your dragon armies with enough diamonds to sustain them.

I've also improved the loot gained from hostile NPC, this change will also need a few days to get going, since it is applied only to new spawned NPCs.

The Arcadia Online Trailer has been released, share it with your friends and invite them to join you!
February 3, 2013
Battle report improvement
A few recent changes:

- The battle report has been improved by including the information of how much loot has the army acquired after a victorious battle.
- The private messages mailbox will no longer stop sending messages if the player mailbox is full, however the oldest messages will be deleted in order to make space for the new ones.
- Dragons now require 200 Diamonds to capture instead of 100.

- arc4nis
January 27, 2013
There have been three important updates that I've managed to implement this weekend:

- Disband city option is now available! If you are not happy with the position of one of your city you can destroy it and build a new one on a different location.
- Alliance messages now show as unread so you can start using the alliance message board and be sure your friends will read it.
- In order to promote the player made economy now the Market will show three random samples of the goods that are for sale. Hopefully this will make the market a more active place.

As always keep sharing Arcadia Online with your friends and togheter we can grow!

- arc4nis
January 20, 2013
Alliance ranking implemented!
On popular demand the alliance ranking feature has been implemented!

Other changes:

- Transferring resources from city to city will be easier with the addition of a drop down menu of all your cities, so you don't have to type the name of the city each time you send resources.
- The timing of Gold upkeep payment has been synchronized with the taxation cycle so you don't have to worry about emptying all your Gold reserves and not having enough Gold to pay for the city Gold upkeep as long as your Gold balance is in the positive.
- The manage realm list of all your armies and fleets has been improved with the addition of a Go to location to all armies and fleet, so they are easier to find on the map.
- If your city has been put under siege you will now receive a message.
- Lumber production has been increased since it was a little bit off balance.

Continue sharing Arcadia Online with your friends and help us grow!

- arc4nis
January 16, 2013
A little update about the most recent changes to the game in the last two weeks.

- The bug with disappearing armies when they boarded a fleet has been fixed, and its now safe to set sail and conquer distant cities with you fleet!
- Another bug with the flags that suddenly changed colors has also been fixed, this wasn't a game breaking bug but it was still annoying.
- The siege duration timer has been reduced. Previously sieges could last up to 8 days, now a normal siege will last around 2 days.
- Various tweaks to the user interface.

Share the game with your friends and lets keep growing!

- arc4nis
January 1, 2013
Happy New Year!
The team of Arcadia Online wishes you a happy new year!

The population of Realm 1 has reached and stabilized at 130 people. This is good news as the game gets more interesting as more people play it. However we are a small team of indie game developers and don't have the budget to market the game. We would ask you all to share us on your social network and spread the word of Arcadia Online across the internet and to your friends.

Help us grow and make Arcadia Online an even better game!

- arc4nis
December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas
The team at Arcadia Online wishes you a Merry Christmas!

The release is going great and we are having a steady rise in the player base.
Also we have added a like and a tweet button. Invite your friends to play with you and share us on your social network!

- arc4nis