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1.0 Getting Started
1.1 User Interface
1.2 Alliances

2.0 City Building
2.1 Building and Conquering Cities
2.2 City Resource Management
2.3 Training Armies and Building Fleets
2.4 Buildings Tech Tree

3.0 Combat
3.1 Formations
3.2 Combat Mechanics
3.3 City Battle
3.4 Units Resource Management
3.5 Hostiles
3.6 Ground Units List
3.7 Naval Units List
3.0 Combat

Combat between armies and fleets is at the core of the gameplay of Arcadia Online. Defeating armies, crushing fleets and conquering cities can greatly increase the wealth or your realm. Attacking enemies is as simple as moving your army in the enemy army location, but for a successfull engagement resulting in victory there are more variables to take into account than simply the numerical advantage:

- Does the formation and unit composition give and advantage over the enemy army ?
- Is the terrain favorable for your units composition ?
- Is your commander more experienced than the enemy one ?
- Is the morale of your army high enough ?

Paying attention to those points will enable you crushing victories assuming your army is not badly outnumbered.