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Welcome to Arcadia Online
The servers are closed, you can read the announcement in the News section.

Arcadia Online is a free to play Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS).
Build your cities, train your armies, forge an empire and wage war against your foes!
Thousands of players interact on a huge map, battling for resources, creating alliances and waging wars!

Are you ready to take the challenge?

To start your journey in the world of Arcadia there is a quick Getting Started guide to get you going.
Also if you want to share your experience about the game and meet other players be sure to visit the Arcadia Online Forum.
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Latest News
March 20, 2013
This is the end...

On April 7th Realm 1 will close and so will Arcadia Online.
Arcadia Online just couldn't get the number of players needed to really get going. Without a strong initial investment in advertising its really hard to get the word out. Without enough players for advertising to kick in its impossible to pay for the servers. Server costs are becoming a financial burden and I'm starting to work on another project.

I've enjoyed playing with you this past few months and I hope you enjoyed playing Arcadia Online. I would like to thank all the great alliances that have given a glimpse of how awesome alliance warfare can be, especially the last war (Troll vs Shakuras). Also I would to thank everyone who has helped me with suggestions and bug reports.

If anyone wants to continue the work on Arcadia Online I would gladly pass the torch, however I will accept only serious offers that have a financial backing for advertising or a publisher.

As for this last few weeks, lets set Realm 1 on fire :)

- arc4nis
February 23, 2013
Here are some fresh updates to the game:

- Cities under siege cannot construct new buildings, this is done to prevent people from upgrading walls while the city is under siege.
- Silver Knights now cost 2 Palladium to train instead of 4.
- Increased storage for Horses, Palladium and Diamond.
- Horses now cost 3 Gold to buy from the local market.

Some changes to the Manage Realm tab:

- You can now see if a city is under siege.
- Alert if an army is on low morale.
- The resource number will become red if it has reached its storage limit.

- arc4nis
February 12, 2013
Vote for Arcadia Online

In order to get Arcadia Online to as many users as possible I need your help. If you enjoy the game consider voting for Arcadia Online on the website of Apex Web Gaming following this link:

The voting process is really simple, you don't need to register, just input the security number and vote for us! Help Arcadia Online grow!

- arc4nis